This application is suitable to automate process of putting up Cap on bottles and seal it as per their pattern. These caps can be screwing caps, ROPP caps or press fit caps. With an additional feature on measuring Torque applied on cap while tightening process, this machine has significant importance in Pharma world.

  • In same structural model Capping and Torque measuring process can be done
  • Those who have already capping machine placed, can go for RETORQUER model which is cost effective solution. This can be placed preferably after Induction sealing process (which loosens Cap tightened by capping mechanism).
  • Speed:
    80 to 100 bottles per min. ( with usual 4 head model)
  • Floor space:
    1.5 m x 1.0 m x 1.6 m
  • Power consumption:
    415 V + N, 3 ph, 1.5kw
  • References:
    Cipla India.

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