Jar/Bottle Capping Machine

(for food /confectionery industry)

As caption suggest, this application is suitable for automating process of putting up Cap on bottles and seal it as per their pattern. These caps can be turning caps, ROPP caps or press fit caps. Being most suitable for candy or chocolate jars in confectionery, this application adds more value for Pharma industry by providing unique feature of measuring, recording, and monitoring Torque applied on Cap while putting up on bottle.

  • Traditional process of Cap placing is modified and New Pick and Place Mechanism introduced.
  • Cap Feeding Conveyor (CFC) can handle the cap up to 9 mm thickness with Orientation.
  • Servo controlled rotary indexer (SCRI):
    To index the Jars for accurate positioning.
  • Speed:
    35 to 40 Jars per min.
  • Floor space:
    2.5 m x 1.7 m x 2.0 m
  • Power consumption:
    415 V + N, 3 ph, 1.5kw

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